Our Mission

To build long lasting relationships through the art of being a better business. Honesty, quality, and safety, all at a great value!


E&N Electric LLC is a proud winner of the 2023 Firestarter Award presented by the Better Business Bureau of Chicago & Northern Illinois. Earning this prestigious award demonstrates that E&N Electric LLC not only embraces the high standards promoted by the BBB, but also consistently integrates and embodies those standards in its daily operations. We are incredibly honored and grateful to have won this award!

Team Award

Leadership Team

Elder Cortez

We all have a story about how our careers came to be. Mine begins the summer vacation of my freshman year in High School. During that summer, I got a part time job as an electrical helper to my uncle. I found trouble shooting and bending conduit interesting although sometimes, I had some rough crawl space crawling and attic crouching days. I was not set on it, but I had an idea of what I wanted to do after high school.

As the years flew by and I encountered life’s challenges, I ended up working for multiple residential and commercial electrical companies that I cannot say many good things about. My luck changed when I got the opportunity to work for one of the largest industrial electrical contractors in Illinois. They accepted me into their 5-year apprenticeship. During my apprenticeship, the company owner gave a speech about the humble beginning to his success and hearing it sparked my desire to build a company like his one day. 

A few years after completing my apprenticeship, I started at a new company with the determination to lead projects. Doing so brought my problem solving, communication, and leadership skills to a whole new level. A couple of years of helping the company gain hundreds of thousands in profit later, I got the opportunity to join the IBEW and seized it. While working with the organization, I started helping friends and family with their electrical issues and found out I enjoyed doing so. I realized that I felt more satisfied with my life when I was helping people solve their electrical issues than when I was working for a weekly check from a company. You can say I fell in love with problem solving.

Nataly Martinez

I opened E&N Electric LLC alongside Elder Cortez in January of 2021. Since then, E&N Electric has been providing quality electrical services at a fair price. My Economics and Business degree from Northwestern University prepared me for the challenges that come with running the administrative side of E&N Electric. My tasks include taking initial phone calls and sending out invoices. I also keep our insurance policies and Electrical Contractor registrations up to date. I am the N in E&N Electric.

I am also a mother to my young daughter Rosa, and I love to travel with my family in my free time.